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Many people overlook cleaning their upholstered furniture when they are cleaning their home. They often think that their carpet needs more cleaning, when in fact, both upholstery and carpets require regular cleaning. This is because they both accumulate household dust.

The clothes we wear release tiny dust particles into the air, aswell tiny flakes of skin cells are constantly being shed from our bodies. Pets and people entering our home can also introduce dirt. These small pieces of dirt and dust are floating in the air, and eventually, they rest on the carpet, floor, upholstery, and other furniture.

Why Is San Diego Upholstery Cleaning Services Important?

There are several reasons why you should have your upholstery cleaned:

  • The more your upholstery is used, the faster it will appear old and unappealing. Its appearance can be maintained if you hire a San Diego upholstery cleaning company.  Our professionals can restore its original look by removing the dirt and grime which have built up over time.
  • The health of your family and everyone else in your home can be poorly affected because of dirty furniture. Bacteria and mold can grow, and fleas live in your furniture if it is constantly dirty. Without your knowledge, you are actually providing a good home for them to live in. With regular San Diego upholstery cleaning, the problem can be eliminated.
  • The air quality in your home is controlled by many factors. One of these factors is the cleanliness of your furniture. Cleaning your furniture can help improve the air quality because dirt, dust, and bacteria are removed.

How Do We Clean Your Upholstery?

To restore the beauty and quality of your furniture, we follow these steps:

  • A PH-balanced formula is applied to the upholstery. This helps in removing dirt particles.
  • The surface of the upholstery is massaged using warm water.
  • Scotch Guard protection is applied after the cleaning is completed. This is considered the most important stage because it plays a great role in keeping the cleanliness and beauty of your furniture for a longer time.
  • The final step is to apply an enzyme-based deodorizer. This keeps the furniture fresh and clean smelling. It also combats bacteria which cause foul odors.